May 6th 2-6pm

NYU Eisner & Lubin Auditorium

60 Washington Square South, NY, NY 10012


2:00 - 2:15pm - Reception & General Admission

2:15 - 3:00pm - School Redesign Presentations

3:00 - 4:00pm - Guest Speaker Panel

4:00 - 6:00pm - Education Design Expo

The Edify Symposium invites exploration of the question: what are the features of an ideal 21st century education? This year’s symposium will offer design solutions for present-day wants and needs in schools through architectural and curricular redesigns of a public high school in rural Massachusetts — Monument Mountain Regional High School.

Dedicated student-driven teams from New York University (NYU) and Monument will exhibit their ideas using models, architectural renderings, graphics, and a discussion of the process. To expand on the conversation around hopes for the future of learning, prominent guest speakers from a diverse set of fields will share their perspectives on significant topics in education during a panel discussion and Q&A session. The expo will also feature work related to education and design from the Yale School of Architecture, select classes from NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Teaching and Learning, and more.


The current US public school system is putting contemporary learners into institutions that too frequently fail to allow students to explore their own interests and creativity. The NYU team identified four key areas that could be emphasized in K-12 curriculum: ecological sustainability, technological literacy, creativity & entrepreneurship, and human & life skills. Project-based learning supports a culture of innovation and experimentation giving students the mindset to see failure as a necessary step in the pursuit of novel ideas. This kind of pedagogical approach will also be evident in the architectural designs by student teams. Sustainability, integration with cutting-edge technology, rooms filled with natural light, and spaces built for collaboration will be shown in the models and renderings.

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The symposium would not be possible without the generous support of NYU Steinhardt and Terra - Sustainable Technologies. We would also like to thank Cath Milne, Mitch Joachim, Andy Romig, Peter Rajsingh and Aaron Fisher for their guidance and support.

Last Year: The Paideia Project

The Paideia Project set the groundwork for this year’s symposium by redesigning Monument Mountain Regional High School as if it were possible to build the school on an open-ended budget. We designed a striking glass-walled ring as the second floor of the school to allow students to work amidst the natural beauty of the mountains surrounding them. The student center in the atrium is another open, naturally lit space that fosters a sense of community and productivity. The daily schedule was broken into several “blocks” indicating the type of framework for a class. Each semester, students select an issue in their school, community, or world to work on during the Problem Project block, during which they collaborate with team members and a faculty advisor to propose or implement a solution.